The Mercury Group of companies was established in 1963. The Group currently has operations in 10 countries.

As part of its strategic initiative of becoming a true international player, Mercury has setup Production and Manufacturing facilities in 3 countries.

Mercury has extensive experience and rich penetration in the following business areas.

  • Energy
  • Heavy Industry
  • Raw Materials
  • Commodities
  • Finished Goods
  • Equipment
  • Instruments

Our Engineers are known for their service to our principals and clients along with delivering in results meeting and exceeding expectations.



  • Mohammed Asif, CEO
  • Yousuf Asif, Director
  • Timur Asif, Director
  • Mohammed Ahmed, Technical Director
  • Konstantin Panov, Commerical Director



1963   Mercury was established.

1970   Started supplies to Russia in 1970

1977   Mercury become the largest export from Pakistan.

1981   Mercury (London) Limited was established to carry our ship charting business.

1982   Started supplies to Pakistan Steel Mills.

1983   Largest garment factory upon its completions in South East Asia.

1984   Mercury became the largest Pakistani owned business house in the world.

1984   Mercury started engineering works and supplies to Water And Power Development Authorities; Pakistan.

1984   Mercury established offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong & Dubai.

1985   Mercury became a major supplier to Esfahan Steel Mills for engineering services and spare parts.

1986   Mercury established offices in Lisbon and Lima.

1987   Mercury started supplies to radio stations.

1988   Mercury starts supplying the Russian army.

1993   Mercury is awarded with 3rd convertor at PSM.

1996   Mercury became the first & only foreign company to supply textile and textile made-ups directly to       Russian army.

1998   Major supplies in power sector to various countries.

2000   Supply of helicopter spare parts

2007   Mercury through its principal was awarded Capital Repair of COBP at Pakistan Steel.

2009   Mercury started supplies to Russian Railways.

2011   Mercury acquired majority shares Europe’s Largest Textile Mill.

2013   Mercury started supplies to Iraq.

2013   Mercury registered as suppliers to Oil and Gas Development Corporation Limited.

2014   Mercury making its presence in Africa through its associated offices in Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo.



The Mercury Group has a legacy of delivering projects exceeding benchmarks and expectations for our clients. We manage to do so through achieving perfection on all areas that manage to give us an edge over our competition. Listed below are some of the areas we can proudly boast of being unchallenged. For more insights feel free to give us a call.

  • Liaison with Government
  • Local manpower
  • Technical know-how
  • On site support
  • Technical assistance
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Implementation